It’s funny how, when a case has media attention, the meat of the story shifts and alternate meanings are given to everyday happenings.  Yes, even in the criminal justice system. As you have probably heard on sites such as NPR, Bill Cosby was released yesterday from a Pennsylvania prison where he was serving a sentence for being convicted of sexual assault.  According to the headlines,

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Dear Massachusetts Law Enforcement… LEAVE ME ALONE.

You have been accused of a crime. The police are either looking for you or they have just found you. Now what? No, I would not recommend running… they will find you. Trying to fight them off is not a particularly good idea either… You will lose and end up with even more charges against you. You might try coming up with a good story

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Accused of Domestic Assault and Battery in Massachusetts?

If you were falsely accused of domestic assault and battery, it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced defense attorney, and fast. The charges – also known as domestic violence or domestic abuse – have serious implications in MA. In addition to a criminal record and fines, you may be required to complete anger management programs, or more expensive “batterer’s” programs. In some instances, you

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Charged With A Second OUI in Massachusetts

In MA, a second offense for operating under the influence (OUI), also known as drunk driving, has serious consequences that can impact you and your family. As explained below, these penalties include substantial fines, loss of license, and even time behind bars. If you have been charged with a second offense OUI, you may be feeling scared and alone. But you are not alone. OUI is the most common charge

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What Constitutes Armed Robbery in Massachusetts?

If you robbed or stole from someone while in possession of a deadly weapon, you may be facing charges for armed robbery. This is a serious crime in MA, and the penalties can be extremely harsh, up to and including life in prison. There are, however, multiple defenses against this crime. In addition, alternative sentencing options may exist in certain situations. When it comes to armed

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What You Need To Know If You’ve Been Charged with Illegal Possession of a Firearm in Massachusetts

There are few things as controversial as the debate about the right to own a firearm in this country. Gun ownership is a constitutional right, but many people are prohibited from owning one. This is especially true in Massachusetts. Although the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms to every citizen, regulations surrounding use and ownership are left to the state. In Massachusetts, firearm

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