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Attorney Samuel Goldberg is a dedicated and highly experienced Massachusetts attorney who, for over 35 years, has helped clients, both corporate and individual, navigate the criminal justice system. Throughout his career in criminal law, he has handled high profile matters of a wide variety including murder, fraud, theft, drug trafficking, sexual assault, and a plethora of substance-abuse-related crimes at the trial and appellate levels.

Former Senior Prosecutor

Upon graduating from Boston University School of Law, in 1985, Mr. Goldberg served as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, New York. For the next five years, he was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of a wide variety of criminal matters with a concentration in homicide, sexual assault and drug trafficking cases.

Experienced on both sides of the Criminal Justice System

In 1990, Mr. Goldberg returned home to Massachusetts. From 1990 to 1992, Mr. Goldberg worked as a litigation associate at the law firms of Riemer & Braunstein and Barron & Stadfeld, P.C. in Boston. At these firms, he handled all facets of civil matters involving collections, lender liability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, contract disputes and police brutality. When the opportunity arose, Mr. Goldberg handled criminal defense matters.

In 1992, having tasted civil litigation and seen the reality behind criminal prosecutions, Goldberg established his own law firm. The firm, the Law Offices of Samuel Goldberg (“LOSG”), did, and does, specialize in criminal matters.

An Experienced “True Believer” Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Over the years, Mr. Goldberg has handled a wide variety of criminal cases in all Massachusetts state and federal courts. He has also appeared before several administrative tribunals. Occasionally, he has accepted matters in courts outside Massachusetts, particularly in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York State (where he is still licensed). In 2007, LOSG also became “of counsel” to the firm of “Altman and Altman, LLC (where he was lead counsel in criminal matters. Currently, LOSG serves in a similar capacity at various Massachusetts’ law firms. He continues to represent clients throughout Massachusetts.

Widening Experience with A Concentration in Criminal Law

Over the last 10 years, Goldberg has broadened his practice to include representing families facing allegations by the Department of Children and Families (”DCF”) as well as representing crime victims.

Since creating LOSG, Mr. Goldberg has represented clients in a variety of civil litigation matters while advising about criminal exposure as well. These matters have ranged from collections, personal injury, malpractice, misrepresentation, labor disputes and consumer protection issues to shareholder’s derivative suits, breach of fiduciary duty, FDIC liability, Assault and Battery, environmental liability and contract disputes.

Mr. Goldberg’s practice has remained specialized in his area of expertise, the practice of criminal law. However, he continues to use his experience to do more than simply represent those accused of committing crimes. The need to protect oneself during various types of investigations, even if it is as a witness, has become important. Likewise, often judgment calls are made which trigger a criminal investigation. Part of Goldberg’s focus is to be a resource to others in such instances in order to protect and inform the unwary of these dangers and how best to protect themselves. Additionally, given the widespread need to address issues of addiction and mental health, he has become experienced in matters involving such issues and, in addressing them often getting a more favorable result, particularly in matters of probation, parole and rehabilitation.

In a day when mistrust and suspicion have created a society which must “watch the watchmen”, it has become even more necessary to advise the advisers.

Nationally Recognized Expert in The Trial of Criminal Matters

Goldberg has been called upon many times to use his expertise in criminal law and trial advocacy as a Legal Consultant. These matters have included work for Suffolk County Bar Advocates, Costas Provisions, Inc., Vance (an international investigation and security consulting company), the late Honorable Michael Curci, Justice of the New York Supreme Court and various private attorneys in New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Additionally, Attorney Goldberg served for over 10 years as an adjunct faculty member at the Boston University School of Law, teaching advanced trial advocacy training students in all aspects of preparing and conducting jury trials. He also coached the school’s national mock trial teams for American Trial Lawyers Association Competitions.

Goldberg has also been a lecturer and contributor for organizations such as the National Association of Police Organizations, Brandies University, Lorman Educational Services, Practicing Law Institute, Federal Criminal Justice Agency, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, the Institute for Paralegal Education, Committee for Public Counsel Services and the Essex County Bar Advocates.

Media Appearances

Goldberg’s expertise has been recognized throughout the country . He has been a contributor to Court TV, MSNBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, The Fox News Channel, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as well as National Public Radio and various other cable, television, and radio networks.

Legal Publications

Mr. Goldberg has written various articles on trial advocacy, criminal justice and associated subjects for various legal publications and organizations including Massachusetts Continuing Education and West Publishing.

In 2008, he began writing a criminal law blog, Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog . This blog, informally known as “Attorney Sam’s Take” which established a national following, reviews local and national criminal stories and issues and uses them as lessons to educate. The Blog, once located elsewhere, now continues here, on his own site under “Legal Resources”.

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